May 26, 2024

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The city of Pandabangan in the Philippines is submerged due to drought


PhilippinesA drought-stricken city will reappear

In the 1970s, Pandabangan in the Philippines had to make way for a dam and was flooded. Now a series of droughts has brought the old settlement back to light.

Reto Polman
  • Ruins of settlement found due to drought in Philippines

  • The nearly 300-year-old remains are located in the Bandabangan area.

  • The settlement was flooded in the 1970s due to the construction of a dam.

As “Spiegel” reports, in the Philippine region of Pandabangan, historical ruins that are normally underwater due to prolonged drought have been discovered. Remains of a nearly 300-year-old settlement, including walls and a large cross, bear witness to the history of the place.

The current heat wave in Asia with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees at times has led to this unusual situation. Despite the scorching heat, the exposed ruins in the middle of the Pandabangan Reservoir attract many visitors, who can be taken to the makeshift island by fishermen for five dollars.

The place was flooded due to the dam construction project

The settlement's flooding is due to the construction of a dam in the 1970s to irrigate local agriculture. Due to this, the people of the area were forced to leave their homes.

According to National Irrigation Authority senior engineer Marlon Paladin, the reservoir's water level has now dropped by nearly 50 metres. This is the sixth time the village has made a comeback after being submerged in floods. According to Benison Estereja, a meteorologist at the state meteorological office, Bagasa, the current drought may worsen in the next few days.

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