June 13, 2024

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Stormy Daniels warns after Trump case: “There will be deaths”

Stormy Daniels warns after Trump case: “There will be deaths”

Shock premiere in US: For the first time in US history, a former president has to answer to a criminal case. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced the charges against Donald Trump, 76, last week.

The indictment in 2016 involved payments Trump allegedly made to former porn star Stormy Daniels, 44. Trump wanted to prevent Daniels from speaking out about their affair. The $130,000 fee may conflict with campaign finance rules.


Is Donald Trump Going To Jail?

Yes, sooner or later.


No I don’t think so.


Stormy Daniels was confident of victory after the lawsuit was announced and celebrated her victory with champagne. The 44-year-old wants to testify against the former president. “Trump is no longer untouchable,” Daniels told the Times.

But: she fears possible escalation. “A lot of good can come of it. But either way, a lot of bad things come of it.”

Donald Trump’s supporters have a reputation for violence. In January 2021, after the electoral defeat, they stormed the Capitol. So Stormy Daniels believes: “Whatever the outcome, there will be violence, there will be injuries and deaths.”

She’s not alone: ​​In New York, authorities have been ramping up security for nearly a week.

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