July 22, 2024

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Austria: Woman killed by cow – now farmer must pay 260,000 euros

Austria: Woman killed by cow – now farmer must pay 260,000 euros


Woman killed by cow – now farmer has to pay 260,000 euros

A woman was traveling with her chihuahua and a friend when she was mauled by a cow. Now her family wants money from the farmer – but he doesn’t feel guilty.


In Austria, the survivors of a woman who died in 2017 have sought 260,000 euros in damages. (icon image)


  • In 2017, a woman was killed by a cow in Austria.

  • The 70-year-old was traveling with her Chihuahua and a friend.

  • The family is now seeking more than a quarter of a million euros in damages.

It keeps coming Cattle raids on hill pastures. Cattle are essentially peaceful animals, with a strong sense of family. But when their offspring are in danger, whole herds move together to defend themselves. If people – especially with dogs – get too close to calves, this can be perceived as a threat.

Suckling cows are not observed

In June 2017, a 70-year-old woman was killed by a cow in the Tyrolean Underland. The hiker was walking with her chihuahua and a cousin of the same age to Granjornalm, near Earl, when the two women passed a herd of cattle grazing in a pasture. But the hikers did not notice the milking cows behind them. The cows ran towards the women and surrounded them from behind.

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One of the women suffered minor injuries, while the other was seriously injured. Almwirt immediately administered first aid.

Signs should warn of danger

The woman’s family is now demanding 260,000 euros in damages from the Almwirt and the cow’s owner. According to a report by the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”, the family lawyer says the cows are not protected enough.

The closing date for the civil case was held on Monday. Almwirt’s lawyers, on the other hand, insisted that the signs pointed to danger. If he Dog on a leash What happened is not clear. A verdict is expected soon.

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