June 13, 2024

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Skier (18) crashes into several people – drives off!

Bad accident in Austria

Skier (18) hits multiple people – escapes!

The handle slipped from the skier’s hand. When the young man slides down the slope, he injures several people. Then he gets on the plane.


A skier from Hungary loses his stirrups. Then it goes steeply downhill.

Terrible ski lift accident in Austria! A young skier’s strap slipped from his hand and after he dragged several people with him, he went on the run – prompting a police operation. Because of him, four people ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. Here’s what happened:

He took the Hungarian ski lift up to Rosenkranjohe (2118 meters above sea level). A short time later, the winter athlete had trouble with his balance, a video on social media showed. Sometimes he can hold the blockage with difficulty. But just before another crest it happens: it slips from his hand. The young man falls to the ground – the wild ride begins!