June 18, 2024

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Russian Rambo turns pages

“Russian Rambo” Arthur Smolianino turns pages

“I’m ready to kill Russians”

Artur Smolyaninov is considered the Russian Sylvester Stallone. He even starred in Vladimir Putin’s favorite films. But now he favors the Ukrainians.

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Updated: 7:00 pm


Arthur Smolyaninov is considered the Russian Sylvester Stallone. She starred in one of President Vladimir Putin’s favorite films. He fights bravely for his country as a hero.

What an unexpected plot twist! “Russian Rambo” Artur Smoljaninov (39) seems to have switched sides – and may soon fight shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians.

Actor Smolyaninov is considered Russia’s Sylvester Stallone (76). He starred in President Vladimir Putin’s (70) favorite films: In “9th Company” (German “The Ninth Company”) he played a brave Russian soldier fighting to the end against Afghanistan. In 1979, Soviet forces occupied the country for about a decade.