May 21, 2024

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Russian official reveals how many casualties Putin’s army has actually suffered

Russian intelligence officer betrays

Putin’s army has lost almost 90,000 soldiers!

It is not clear how many lives the Russian army lost. The Kremlin is silent. Now an officer of the Russian secret service has given a specific number. This is higher than previous estimates.


The war is claiming victims on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides. But the Kremlin is reluctant to give exact figures.

Russia has deployed at least 200,000 troops to the front lines since the war in Ukraine began. How many fell during the “special operation” remains a mystery. The Kremlin withholds information and does not send fallen soldiers home, where they can be buried. “As long as there is no body, there is hope,” the relatives consoled, according to a Russian news portal.Mediazona» is reported.

In September, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (67) presented official figures for the first time since March. “Russia’s losses are 5937,” he said. But this report contradicts information accidentally published by a Kremlin-related news portal «Redovka” In April. At that time 13,414 fallen soldiers and about 7,000 missing were already spoken of.