June 18, 2024

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Antonov tax from the point of view of judiciary

World’s largest plane crash

Now the former Antonov tax is under investigation

Antonov worried that its Mriya, the world’s largest aircraft, could not bring security? Now it needs to be clarified legally.


The destruction of Ukraine’s giant cargo plane shocked the world.

The destruction of the Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Miria, the world’s largest aircraft, at the beginning of the Russian invasion had criminal consequences for the former management of the Antonov concern. When Russian paratroopers attacked the Hostomal airfield near Kyiv on February 27, the only airworthy example of this oversized transporter was burned.

Ukraine’s attorney general and the SBU are investigating the failure to bring the plane to safety on time despite Secret Service warnings. Ukrainian media in Kyiv reported this on Thursday. Legally, this is considered dereliction of duty or collaboration with a foreign military power. No information was given about the accused.