June 22, 2024

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Russian expert: “Putin will die in office. Either way.”

Russian expert: “Putin will die in office. Either way.”

American security expert

“Putin wants to die in office anyway”

American-British security expert Fiona Hill considers Russian ruler Vladimir Putin to be ill-tempered: “The corona pandemic has made him paranoid,” she says.


Fiona Hill, a former White House foreign policy adviser, has “experienced” Putin on several occasions. Now she thinks he is paranoid.


  • Fiona Hill, a former White House security adviser and Russia expert, talks about Putin in an interview with Stern magazine.

  • He considers the Russian ruler “paranoid and historical revisionist”.

  • He will not leave office, but will not die as president.

Russia expert and former White House defense policy adviser Fiona Hill (58) has given in an interview. “Stern” An assessment of how things are with Russia’s rulers Vladimir Putin can continue. He is sure of one thing: Putin will not leave office voluntarily. “He wants to die in office. It doesn’t matter which way,” Hill said.

In addition, the corona pandemic severely affected his sense of reality: “Suddenly he was completely isolated. I don’t think Putin has any real connections with people who can stop him from his ideas. I think he’s paranoid.” This goes so far as to slam Gakovka Dam Go to his account. At least Hill thinks it’s possible. In the past, Putin has repeatedly bragged about how his father destroyed critical infrastructure during World War II.

The Russians prepare for a brutal war

Fiona Hill’s assessments are not quick shots or sensationalism: her years of experience as a national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia speak for themselves – Hill was able to sit at the negotiating table with Putin and observe him closely for years. According to them, blowing up the Khakovka dam is a sign that the Russians are preparing for a “brutal war”.

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Like many observers, Hill sees the reason for the attack on Ukraine as Putin increasingly dreaming of a great Russian Tsarist empire rather than accepting the reality of a globalized world. This vast Russian empire was not a figment of a dark past. He pulled all those ancient treaties from the Kremlin archives and believes that every country Russia has conquered in its history belongs to Russia today.

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