June 22, 2024

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Russia wants to remove the age limit for military personnel

Russia wants to remove the age limit for military personnel

It is estimated that about 12,000 Russian soldiers have already died in the war in Ukraine. To increase the army, the age limit must now be apparently lowered.

Briefly essential

  • Half of the Russian troops in Ukraine are no longer stationed.
  • The impending veteran shortage can now be addressed through a new law.
  • Accordingly, the age limit for applicants should be abolished.

Sent at the end of February Vladimir Putin His forces To the neighboring country. Since then, the war in Ukraine has intensified. But the invasion did not go as planned.

First, the Russian president is said to have stationed 125,000 soldiers. Of these so far About 12,000 people have been killed. U.S. scientist Michael Kaufman estimates this, citing reports from Russia, Ukraine and foreign observers.

He also estimates that about 42,000 Russian soldiers were wounded. Because, past wars show that 3.5 soldiers were wounded for every casualty.

Overall, the Russians have now lost half of the deployed troops. Also, among the armed forces Low morale prevails – Many do not want to fight in the war in Ukraine.

The challenges facing the Russian military must now be addressed. Now, senior Russian officials are proposing a new one Law “The Guardian” reports: The age limit for military contract soldiers should be abolished.

Currently, Russians between the ages of 18 and 40 can sign their first contracts Army To lock. For foreigners, this is possible between the ages of 18 and 30.

Even those who have no experience in war can apply to the war in Ukraine

But: According to two members of the ruling party “United Russia”, experts often exceed these limits on the basis of age. However, their skills are required to use precision weapons and to operate weapons and military equipment. “Experience shows that they become very professional between the ages of 40 and 45,” they were quoted as saying.

With the abolition of the age limit other citizens can also be appointed as experts. The military continues to need doctors, engineers and communications professionals.

Russia, meanwhile, is trying to attract potential candidates with lucrative short-term deals Army To cheat. According to the Russian Service InquiryBBCThe Ministry of Defense is now filling vacancies through vacancies. Even those without war experience can join Army Connect.

Do you follow the progress of the Ukraine war on a daily basis?

It aims to address the coming shortage of soldiers in the Ukraine war. Because: “Russia does not have enough ground units with contractors for permanent rotation,” quotes the “Guardian” military analyst Rob Lee. “The forces are exhausted. You can not sustain this for long.”

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