April 19, 2024

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Pyro boss Hans Matthias Liebenwein defends himself in fireworks debate

The pyro boss defends himself in a fireworks debate

“It’s not our fault we have crackers in our mouths or butts”

Accidents occurred on New Year’s Day in many places including Austria due to bursting of firecrackers. An 18-year-old youth was also killed. The President of the Pyro Association intervened in the discussion with a statement.


The fireworks debate is raging in Austria.


Marion NadlerRedaktor news

Every year, horrific pyrotechnic mishaps overshadow New Year’s Eve and the start of the year. After a young man († 18) died in Austria after a ball bomb detonated too quickly, a heated debate erupted in the country.

Because: This isn’t the first bad New Year’s Eve accident. Last year, a bullet bomb killed one person († 23) in Lower Austria. Now Hans Matthias Liebenwein, president of the Pyrotechnics Association, has joined the debate.