May 26, 2024

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Putin’s confidant Rogozin writes a hate letter to Macron with the piece

Hate attacks against the West

Putin’s confidant sends French pieces to Macron, almost killing him

A senior Putin confidant dispatches French President Macron, which nearly kills the Russian. In a scathing letter, former Roscosmos boss Rogozin promises that Macron will not escape responsibility for war crimes either.


Dmitry Rogozin, a senior Putin confidant, narrowly survived a Ukrainian offensive in Donetsk in December.

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Daniel KestenholzEditor’s night shift

Dmitry Rogozin (59) looks back at the promising long career of President Vladimir Putin (70). Rogozin was Russia’s representative to NATO, deputy prime minister, and finally head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. In mid-December he celebrated his 59th birthday in occupied Donetsk. It almost cost him his life.

VA Ukraine ticker stop Donbas Putin's friend Rogosin party

Putin’s friend who celebrated his birthday: The video shows the destroyed banquet hall after the rocket attack(00:16)

The hotel in Ukraine where he was partying with his wife caught fire. His wife suffered a severe concussion, was hit by pieces of Rokosin and had to go under the knife. “One millimeter, I will now be paralyzed or dead,” Rogozin wrote in an angry letter, demanding that the surgically removed pieces be handed over to French President Emmanuel Macron, 45. Finally, he was nearly killed by a French projectile.