May 24, 2024

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Pyongyang: Dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister threatens US

Pyongyang: Dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister threatens US


“Old age and reckless courage” – Kim Jong-un’s sister threatens Biden

Kim Yo Jong accused Washington of further threatening security in the region. She doesn’t shy away from insults against President Biden.


Kim Yo Jong said the U.S.-South Korean accord demonstrated the allies’ “extremely hostile and aggressive action” against the North.


  • The US and South Korea met at a summit in Washington.

  • This has angered North Korea.

  • The summit reinforced North Korea’s confidence in developing its nuclear weapons capabilities.

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has again issued threats and insults against the United States. Kim Yo Young North Korea has announced that it will show more of its military power. This is in response to the US decision to send nuclear-armed submarines to South Korea. Kim Yo Jong also insulted US President Joe Biden, who welcomed South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol this week.

Kim Yo Jong said the US-South Korean deal would expose the allies’ “extremely hostile and aggressive actions” against the North and pose an even greater threat to peace and security in the region. The Washington summit bolstered North Korea’s confidence Nuclear weapons capabilities to improve.

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Biden should expect serious consequences

The ruler’s sister described US President Biden as old and “irresponsible bravado”. Biden warned on Wednesday that a nuclear strike by North Korea would lead to the end of the government in Pyongyang. Kim Yo Jong said his country would not simply dismiss his words as “the foolish opinion of his prime minister.” Biden should expect serious consequences because of his threatening rhetoric.

“The adversaries are eager to conduct nuclear war drills and they are deploying nuclear assets near the Korean Peninsula, and we strongly exercise our right to self-defense in direct contact with them,” Kim Yo Jong said. He called South Korean President Yoon a fool for his efforts to bolster his country’s defenses and expand its own conventional missile systems in cooperation with the United States. He puts his absolute trust in America, yet he gets only promises in return.

Kim Jong-un sees military maneuvers as a threat

South Korea’s Ministry of Reunification called his comments absurd. They underscored the tension and frustration in the North over allied efforts to strengthen its nuclear deterrent, it said in a statement.

During their summit, Biden and Yoon announced new nuclear deterrence initiatives. For example, for the first time in decades, nuclear-armed US submarines will continue to be stationed in South Korea and coordination on military exercises will be strengthened. In addition, the two sides committed to bilateral presidential consultations in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack, the establishment of a Nuclear Advisory Council, and enhanced information sharing on nuclear and strategic weapons deployment programs.

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North Korea has described the U.S.’s regular military exercises with South Korea as a rehearsal for an invasion of the North, while its allies describe the maneuvers as defensive. Experts say Kim Jong-un is using the maneuvers as an excuse to advance his weapons programs and consolidate his leadership position at home.

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