June 22, 2024

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Putin brags to his mother about torturing Ukrainians

The Ukrainian military has issued a phone call in which a Russian soldier talks to his mother about the Ukraine war. Scary things can be heard.

Briefly essential

  • The Ukrainian army has released a phone containing the mother of a Russian soldier.
  • In it, he tells how the Russians tortured the Ukrainians.

The Russians used brutal methods of torture during the Ukraine war. The Ukrainian secret service now has one Intercepted phone call Published. In it the Russian youth (20) has spoken to him Murmur. In the post you will hear him describe how he tortured Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

A Western military expert and government adviser told Bildt that the material was genuine.

The person was staying in Kharkiv. “Prisoners were tortured before my eyes. Well, I attended too, ”he says Murmur.

There is Explicitly describes the distortions In the bodies of prisoners. He compares how a rose opens the cuts in human flesh.

Unload Murmur He then asks: “Why did you participate?” The son replies: “Mom, I like to distort people mentally and physically.”

The methods of torture in the Ukrainian war are horrendous

Another method of torture It involves inserting a barbed wire into the victim’s body and then gently pulling it out.

Is the Ukraine war scaring you?

‘We beat them. We broke their legs so they could not escape. The Murmur Answer: “If I were you, I would enjoy it too. You and I are the same.”

He killed 20 prisoners of war, the son says. “I’m not sorry, I’m fine.” The Murmur Asks: “Do they not understand that it is over?” The son replies: “You understand nothing.”

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