July 24, 2024

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Will Joe Biden be replaced after his fight against Donald Trump?


AmericaDemocrats panic after televised fight: Will Joe Biden be replaced?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump had their first televised fight. Biden doesn’t cut a good figure.

Jonas Bucher
  • President Joe Biden (81) was criticized within his own party after his first televised debate against Donald Trump (78).

  • Several US media outlets are reporting that some Democrats are considering making Biden their candidate.

  • Party rules make it nearly impossible to replace him without Biden’s approval.

President Joe Biden’s (81) appearance against rival Donald Trump (78) in the first televised debate on Thursday sparked a new wave of criticism within the Democratic Party. According to various US media, the party is considering dropping the 81-year-old president from the race. Democrats panicked after the televised fight. Some of them are apparently discussing the once-unspeakable: replacing him on the ballot.

“There’s a sense of shock in the way he appeared at the start of this debate. The way he sounded. David Axelrod, a senior White House adviser and campaign worker for former President Barack Obama, told CNN, “He seemed a little disoriented. CNN commentator Van Jones is confident Democrats will try to replace Biden.

“No one expected this accident”

“No one expected Joe Biden to dominate the debate, but no one expected this crash,” a senior Democratic official told Politico, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“He was bad at message, bad at content, bad at confronting, bad at presentation, bad at non-verbal communication. He has no silver lining in this debate. It’s clear that this happened in June, not October,” the adviser said.

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Biden should remove himself from the race

Publicly, Democratic officials have largely rallied behind Biden, arguing that the weak performance won’t change the fundamentals of the campaign. In the modern era, no party tries to change their candidate against their will, knowing that it will fail. Party rules make it almost impossible to replace a candidate without their consent. Such a move would mean party insiders would override the results of primaries in which Democratic voters favored Biden.

The only plausible scenario for the Democrats to get a new nominee is if Biden decides to withdraw. However, he repeatedly rejected this during other difficult phases of his election campaign.

International media coverage

President Biden and former President Trump face off in the first televised debate of the campaign. The appearance of aging humans is causing international concern.

BBC: “Before Thursday evening, many Americans expressed concern about Joe Biden’s age and fitness for office. To say that this debate has not properly silenced these concerns would be one of the biggest understatements of the year.”

“The Guardian”: “Joe Biden, apparently suffering from a cold, mumbled his way through the debate and was unable to deliver his finely crafted sentences accurately. Donald Trump, a peddler of lies, repeatedly lied and avoided tough questions.”

“Le Monde”: “Gruff voice, stuttering and not finishing sentences, Joe Biden failed to dispel concerns about his age (81). 78-year-old Donald Trump appeared more belligerent. “Americans should not choose candidates this old.”

CBC News: “Joe Biden sounded hoarse, his energy level seemed low and he lost his train of thought at several points in the debate. (…) Donald Trump does what Donald Trump often does: He speaks with confidence, he has energy, but what he said tonight was absolutely Not true.”

“El Universal”: “Biden stumbles as Trump lies and refuses to respect election results.” (DBA)

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