June 18, 2024

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Corona registration numbers in Israel – half a million active cases

With 83,000, the number of new victims in Israel in a single day has been reported. According to experts, this is the peak of the Omigron wave in the country.

Briefly essential

  • More than half a million people in Israel are currently infected with the corona virus.
  • According to experts at Omigron Peak, 83,000 new infections have been reported.
  • The number of seriously ill is expected to increase.

More than half a million of the nine million Israelis are currently infected with the corona virus. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Monday that the number of active cases is more than 531,000.

More than 83,000 new cases were reported in 24 hours. It has been non-existent at any time since the outbreak began two years ago. Experts consider that The actual number of new infections Is significantly higher. The number of critically ill patients was 814.

The peak of the Omigron wave

Eran Segal, an expert at the Weizmann Institute in Rechovot, believes that Israel has reached the peak of the Omigron wave. “I expect the number of cases to drop this week. We are already looking at this for people over 60,” he said. Government Adviser to the ynet News Site.

The number of seriously ill people will continue to increase initially. He estimates that three million Israelis – about a third of the population – are already affected by the Omigron variant.

Only 63 percent of the 9.4 million Israelis are considered to have been fully vaccinated. In Israel, two vaccinations are given six months after the second vaccination The booster counted those who were vaccinated. 29% of the population has not been vaccinated and 8% of the validity period of the vaccine has expired. Nearly 600,000 people in Israel have already received the fourth dose of the vaccine.

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