April 15, 2024

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Netherlands: Drunk “Boris Johnson” Arrested in Groningen Accident

Netherlands: Drunk “Boris Johnson” Arrested in Groningen Accident


Crash built – Drunk “Boris Johnson” arrested in Groningen

Groningen police arrested a prankster on Monday. He got into an accident while drunk. Boris Johnson’s driving license was found in the car.


No, this driving license does not belong to Boris Johnson.

Police Groningen

During the investigation of the car accident, the Dutch police officers are drunk “Boris Johnson” Arrest. Police in Groningen said on Monday that officers found a driver’s license left in the vehicle when they searched a car that had driven into a pole. The document contains not only the name of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson but also his photograph and date of birth.

In addition, a driver’s license allegedly issued in Ukraine in 2019 had a validity date of 3000. “Unfortunately, we did not fall for the trick,” the police wrote on the online service Instagram. The car driver was caught near the accident site. A man from near Groningen was arrested.

According to one Twitter user, such fake driving licenses can be bought in souvenir shops in Ukraine. He holds licenses in the names of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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