June 13, 2024

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Netflix Documentary: “The Crimes of Our Mother” – Famous American Woman Convicted of Murder

Netflix Documentary: “The Crimes of Our Mother” – Famous American Woman Convicted of Murder


An American female murderer known as “The Crimes of Our Mother.”

A woman known from the True Crime documentary is accused of murdering her two children in Boise, Idaho.


The woman was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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  • An American murder case investigated for the true-crime documentary “The Crimes of Our Mother” also drew attention in Europe.

  • A woman who allegedly killed her two children has now been found guilty by a US court – and her husband must also answer in court.

  • According to prosecutors, the couple saw themselves as godlike figures whose job it was to rid the world of the “zombie” spirits that raised their children, among other things.

One from Netflix-Docuserie “Crimes of Our Mother” is a well-known American for murder Her two youngest children were found guilty. The court also found that it was proven that the 49-year-old was involved in a plot to kill her husband’s ex-wife. American media reported this Friday from a courtroom in Boise, Idaho.

According to prosecutors, at the time of the crime in 2019, the couple believed themselves to be god-like figures whose job it was to rid the world of “zombie” spirits that populated their children.

Life sentence

Now the woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment. As usual in America, sentencing will be determined, but only at a later date. She pleaded not guilty at trial. Her husband must also answer in court – and plead not guilty. According to reporters present, the woman showed no emotion when the verdict was announced. Significant parts of the trial revolved around the couple’s radical religious beliefs.

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The verdict marks the end of a three-year trial. In the fall of 2019, a large-scale search for the two children took place after the grandparents reported to authorities that they had not heard from them in more than a month. When the police visited the couple at their home, they went to Hawaii and got married.

The children’s bodies were later found on the couple’s property and in a pet cemetery. Many of the bizarre details were the subject of a documentary series, which also publicized the case in Germany.

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