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Podcast Series: Flo-Jo – The Hunt for the World’s Fastest Woman

Podcast Series: Flo-Jo – The Hunt for the World’s Fastest Woman

36 years ago, record-breaking runner Florence Griffith-Joyner had the world in suspense. And then she forgot. In our new podcast, Christoph Gertsch and Michael Grogerus tell their story. Listen here from July 18.

Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall, American Florence Griffith-Joyner, known as Flo-Jo, set two world records in the sprint over 100 and 200 meters. To this day, no runner can come close to her miraculous times. His 10.49 seconds over 100m, set 36 years ago, will be unattainable at the Olympics in Paris.

Flo-Jo was a sensation then, ahead of her time in every way: a black woman from a poor background became a global superstar, the first true pop star in sports history. And today? No one remembers the fastest woman in the world today.

Who was this girl who was so much faster than everyone else? Why is she forgotten?

Together with “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “Magazin” reporters Christof Gertsch and Mikael Krogerus search for the truth about Flo-Jo for this podcast series. Her research takes her to a unique era in which the world and sport changed forever. You immerse yourself in a story of a great love and a great betrayal. About the American dream that turns into a nightmare due to Flo-Joe’s mysterious death. About secrets to be kept. Racism, sexism and the question of what does all this have to do with us today?

Listen to the first of seven episodes of “Flo-Jo – The Hunt for the Fastest Woman in the World” for free – From July 18 on this newspaper’s app and website.

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Chapter 1: A Crazy Time

Before Florence Griffith-Joyner became a superstar, she grew up in humble circumstances.  How does your journey begin?

A girl from a poor neighborhood in Los Angeles takes up running. And runs away from everyone. What was the secret of this woman who would later break all records and become the first pop star in sports history?

Listen to Episode 1 for free starting July 18, 4 PM.

Folge 2: Train Like a Man

Flo-Jo collects medals, creates fashion trends - and always creates mysteries.  What is the truth in her story?

Not only does Flo-Jo have the most modern running technique of all the sprinters, she is also a fashion icon – to this day. But she especially had to contend with the prejudices of her time. And every success is accompanied by mystery and rumours.

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Listen to Episode 2 from 18 July 4 PM with this newspaper subscription.

Episode 3: Gone with the Wind

Flo-Jo flies smiling down the racetrack - weightless and too fast to be true?

In the late 1980s, Flo-Jo ran the 100 meters in 10.49 seconds. She descends into history – and with her doubts about her success. Shouldn’t this streak last?

Tune in to Episode 3 on July 25 at 4pm with a subscription to this newspaper.

Chapter 4: The Class Enemy

In 1988, the world learned a new word:

In 1988, the game changed forever. The world became aware of the word “doping” overnight. But not only the GDR is systematically discouraged, a big star from the West is also punished. One of Flo-Joe’s opponents has never forgotten that day to this day.

Tune in for Episode 4 on August 1st at 4pm with a subscription to this newsletter.

Chapter 5: Retreat

Flo-Joe, who was incredibly fast in a surprisingly short period of time, was accused of doping. The reporters meet the person who made these rumors public.

Listen to Episode 4 on August 8th from 4 PM with this newspaper subscription.

Chapter 6: Death at Dawn

Not only are there plenty of rumors about Flo-Joe's career - his sudden resignation and death at age 38 seems mysterious.

After his sudden resignation, Flo-Jo dies young and under mysterious circumstances. Does the autopsy provide the evidence everyone has been searching for for years?

Listen to episode 5 from 15 August 4 PM with this newspaper subscription.

Folge 7: In a moment

Watts went from being a poor man in Los Angeles to becoming the most famous athlete in the world.

Flo-Jo has changed more than many people realize. Although her memory is fading, she left one important thing behind.

Listen to Episode 7 from 22nd August, 4pm onwards with this newspaper subscription.


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