July 20, 2024

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NATO official sees end of Russian military

NATO official sees end of Russian military

Rumors have been swirling for months about a new major offensive by Russia in the war in Ukraine. Many experts and members of the Ukrainian government expect attacks against large parts of Ukraine, including Kiev and Kharkiv. A senior NATO official came to a different conclusion.

“It’s a Russian spring offensive. She is how she is, that’s all,” he told “Bild” newspaper.

Accordingly, Russia is unwilling or unable to increase current efforts and manpower in the war in Ukraine. This is due to the lack of political will to send large-scale troops to Ukraine. Moscow has also recognized the complete inferiority of Russian military equipment.

As it became known in February, the battle for the eastern Ukrainian city of Pakmut, the worst-hit Wagner Private Army is running out of ammunition. In one video, the mercenaries accused the Russian military leadership of cutting off supplies to the front.

Also, there are fears that more flights may be lost. “Russia has already lost 130 aircraft in Ukraine. There will be 1,500 more crews, but they will not be deployed,” the NATO official continued. He justifies this with the ever-strong Ukrainian Air Force, which makes air combat impossible.

The official also said that a very large number of Russian soldiers were killed. In July 2022, this would have been 173 deaths per day. In February it had already risen to a good 200 deaths and over 600 injuries per day.