July 24, 2024

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NATO arms: Russia announces its reaction


WashingtonNATO Arms in Europe – Russia Threatens to React

After the attack on Ukraine, Russia tries to cooperate with China. NATO, and especially the US as its leader, is preparing for a confrontation with this new bloc.

  • NATO is preparing for the dark ages and strengthening its deterrence against Russia.

  • NATO has criticized China for supporting Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

  • Russia warns of serious threats from NATO and announces countermeasures, and China reacts angrily.

NATO is preparing for a dark period in its 75th year. A new Cold War with Russia, escalation of tensions with China? At their annual summit in Washington, 32 allies are now taking precautionary measures.

The alliance demonstrates solidarity with Ukraine along with new political and military commitments. Given Russia’s aggression against its neighbors, NATO is increasing its deterrence in Europe.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO can no longer be stopped

In the future, NATO will coordinate arms delivery and training activities for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Wiesbaden (D). The Heads of State and Government of the Member States decided to initiate action at the Summit. It is scheduled to start on Friday and gradually carry out the work previously done by the US.

In the summit declaration, Ukraine was promised to restore at least 40 billion euros worth of military aid by next year. The alliance also promises that Ukraine, which is being attacked by Russia, will no longer be held back on its way to a security alliance.

America is stationing weapons systems in Germany

A NATO summit declaration accuses China of providing significant aid to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Examples include China’s extensive support for the Russian defense sector and the so-called borderless partnership between the two countries.

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The US also announced on Wednesday that it would deploy weapons systems in Germany that would reach Russia for the first time since the Cold War. From 2026, Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers, SM-6 anti-aircraft missiles and newly developed supersonic weapons will ensure better security for NATO allies in Europe.

In addition, F-16 fighter jets promised by foreign partners are scheduled to be used in Ukraine this summer against Russian aggression. The US, the Netherlands and Denmark have already announced an exchange of jets.

Russia responded cautiously

In response to a NATO summit in Washington, Russia complained of a “very serious threat” from the Western military alliance and announced countermeasures.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow on Thursday that Russia would “very carefully study the results and final declaration” of the NATO summit in Washington and take “well-thought-out, coordinated and effective measures to rein in NATO.” news agencies. NATO is now “fully engaged in the conflict over Ukraine”.

NATO describes China as an “important ally”.

NATO has also been unusually harsh in criticizing China for supporting Russia in the Ukraine conflict. China is a “decisive accomplice” in Russia’s war of aggression, according to a declaration issued by a summit of heads of state and government in Washington on Wednesday.

China has warned NATO against provoking “conflict” over the People’s Republic’s relations with Russia. A spokesman for China’s mission to the EU said on Thursday that NATO must stop playing “China’s threat” and “inciting conflict and competition”. A security alliance should contribute more to peace and stability in the world. It is well known that China is not responsible for the Ukraine crisis.

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