July 20, 2024

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Miracle Birth: Abigail gives birth on a plane

Miracle Birth: Abigail gives birth on a plane

A miraculous birth

Abigail (17) who gave birth on the plane – doctors who saved the lives of premature babies

Abigail Amoretti goes into labor on a flight to America. When her baby was born, it wasn’t breathing — but doctors on board saved the girl.


Despite many complications, 17-year-old Abigail Amoretti gave birth to her daughter at an altitude of ten kilometers.


  • Abigail Amoretti, 17, went into labor on a flight to America.

  • Her child was born in air, but did not breathe.

  • Doctors on board stood by Abigail and saved her daughter’s life.

Abigail Amoretti flies in from Managua, Nicaragua to Miamito see her grandmother. However, the 17-year-old girl is suffering from stomach pain, which is why she goes to the toilet. At first she doesn’t know that labor has begun – after all, she is seven months pregnant.

A doctor on the plane However, hearing screams from the plane’s lavatory, he realized the gravity of the situation. He and other doctors on board placed the laboring mother on towels in the aisle of the plane, according to local media reports. However, all this is in vain: the birth turns out to be a drama.

“When the woman came out, she was completely lifeless.”

At first the baby appears to be a blow, and then the attending doctors determine that the baby is not breathing. “When the girl came out, she was completely lifeless. She was purple from the stress she had to endure,” says a doctor.

On-site specialists know what to do: one doctor immediately begins mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and two doctors perform cardiac rhythm massage. The efforts bear fruit and after some time the child starts breathing again. Minutes later, the girl’s first child is heard crying on the plane.

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Due to the unplanned birth, the plane corrected its course and made an emergency landing in Cancun, Mexico. There, the new mother is wheeled off the plane. A paramedic carries the baby away wrapped in a blanket. Both are currently in Mexico where they can fully recover. So Abigail Amoretti had to delay her grandmother’s visit.

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