May 21, 2024

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Columbia: Faith in the Jungle – Are These the Footprints of Leslie (13)?

Columbia: Faith in the Jungle – Are These the Footprints of Leslie (13)?


Faith in the Jungle – Are These Leslie’s Footprints (13)?

Four siblings have been missing since their plane crashed in the Colombian jungle. Now footprints have been found that could be from one of the children.


The footprints fuel hope that the siblings may still be alive after their plane crash in the jungles of Colombia.

Colombian military forces

  • The search for the four siblings in the Colombian jungle has been going on for about a month.

  • A newly discovered footprint in the mud may belong to a 13-year-old girl.

  • The siblings, aged 13, nine, four and one, crashed on May 1 with a Cessna 206 propeller plane in the Caquetá department in the south of the country.

Almost a month later A small plane crashes in the rain forest of Colombia Soldiers uncover new clues in search of four missing children Footprints found in the mud may belong to 13-year-old Leslie, the armed forces said on Tuesday. The soldiers also discovered fruits that were a source of food for the children.

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“The search has not stopped and we continue to hope to locate the children using satellites that guide soldiers and tribal people in the area,” the armed forces wrote on Twitter.

Dense rainforest makes searching difficult

die Siblings aged 13, nine, four and one A Cessna 206 propeller plane crashed in the Caquetá department in the south of the country on May 1. His mother, the pilot and a tribal leader died in the crash. While searching for the children, the soldiers found shoes, diapers, a baby bottle, a makeshift shelter made of leaves and twigs, and half-eaten fruit. However, due to the dense rain forest in the area, searching for missing persons is very difficult.

The children belong to an indigenous community and, according to media reports, were with their mother on their way to the capital Bogotá, where their father fled after repeated threats from armed groups. Their knowledge of the region may have helped them survive in the jungle after the crash.

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