May 26, 2024

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Military expert Marcus Reisner on the Ukrainians' anti-aircraft dilemma

Military expert says despite billions in aid package

“Ukraine faces a dilemma”

Russians have momentum in Ukraine war. Can America's 61 Billion Turn the Table? Colonel Markus Reisner of the Austrian army is skeptical. The expert believes that it can only hold defensive lines.


“Coming in now will only help Ukraine hold the front line”: Markus Reisner, colonel in the Austrian army.

Ukraine has very little ammunition and very few soldiers. Russia has gained momentum in the war, seizing village after village in the east since the beginning of the year and increasingly destroying Ukrainian energy infrastructure. With the US House of Representatives unveiling a $61 billion aid package, there are signs of relaxation in terms of artillery shells and anti-aircraft defenses. But according to Austrian Army Colonel Markus Reisner, Ukraine will need more help to continue the offensive.

“What's coming now will only help Ukraine stay ahead,” Reisner told N-TV. “But more is needed – especially anti-aircraft systems deep in the country. Because Ukraine faces a dilemma here. The military expert explains that Ukraine needs a lot more air defense to defend against Russian strategic airstrikes. They will also need systems to counter Russian attacks with cruise missiles on the front.