May 26, 2024

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Creates center-left fiscal deal to rapidly increase military budget

The left and the center promote the debt ceiling

Billion-dollar secret deal aims to save military

The federal government wants to increase the military budget faster than previously planned by the federal government. The left wants Ukraine's restructuring not to come at the expense of development aid. Together they have now started pulling the financial strings in Parliament.


How Much Money Should the Army Get? The controversy over the military budget enters its next round.


Daniel PalmerPolitical teacher

It must be horse trading unrivaled in Bern. After all, that's a whopping 16 billion francs — plus 11 billion for the military and another five billion for reconstruction in Ukraine. The plans are still secret. But already this week, center-left parliamentarians want to get down to business.

Things go back and forth, especially when it comes to the military budget. Because of the war in Ukraine, the parliament decided in 2022 to increase military spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) from 5.5 billion to 10 billion a year by 2030.