July 24, 2024

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Majorcans occupy the famous “Instagram” beach – 20 minutes


Further tourismMallorcans occupy the famous “Instagram” beach

Several hundred locals have occupied a popular tourist bay in Mallorca in protest: they feel pushed out by mass tourism.

  • Spanish holiday resorts have struggled for some time with the excesses of mass tourism.

  • Mallorca in particular suffers from party-crazy holidaymakers and crowded beaches.

  • Now hundreds of enthusiasts have hijacked the often-crowded beach for themselves. The police stopped the operation.

Beautiful bay Gallo des Moro The south of Mallorca has a good reputation among holidaymakers, thanks to Instagram: it is about 30 meters wide and has blue waters that make it a popular photo subject. But thanks to social media, the word has been spreading for a long time, which is why every day hundreds of tourists come to take their photo against the dreamy background. Every day around 4,000 people travel in 1,200 vehicles to the bay and neighboring Cala Almunia.

As a result, the small beach is often overcrowded, leaving no room for bathers. Additionally, rental cars clog residential areas near “Dream Bay.” Now the residents have “lifted the lid”: around 300 activists quickly occupied the beach on Sunday from the citizens’ initiative Mallorca Platja Tour. They carried banners saying “Ocubem les nostres platges” (occupy our beaches) and “es ben hora d’aturar” (“it’s time to pause”).

According to the “Mallorca Magazine”, the enthusiasts had already arrived at eight in the morning – they explained that “then it would be impossible to go to the beach, we would have to wait in line”. When tourists showed up, they were greeted with informational flyers and “Tourists go home.” At 12.30 pm the Civil Guards arrived and put an end to the adventure. “From the beach the police blocked Mallorcans from going up and foreigners from going down. They asked us for our IDs, not tourists,” a participant in the operation told Ultima Hora newspaper.

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The beach invasion is not the first expression of discontent from the island’s population about rampant mass tourism. On May 25, more than 10,000 people took to the streets in Palma against the island’s congestion and its consequences. On July 21, the platform “menys turisme, més vida” (Less tourism, more life) has called for large demonstrations in several Balearic islands.

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