May 24, 2024

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Luzia Tschirky had to evacuate her apartment in Moscow

Afraid of a Russian husband

Luzia Tschirky had to evacuate her Moscow apartment

Before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Lucia Shirgi lived with her husband in the Russian capital, Moscow. The SRF correspondent removed the German-Russian woman’s apartment so that she would not be in danger because of her work.

Luzia Tschirky (32) has been reporting on Russia’s war against Ukraine for months. An SRF Russia correspondent was in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, when the explosion erupted. He then crossed the Polish border and left the country.

Until the Russian invasion, the St. Gallen resident lived in Moscow with her husband. As she now says in the SRF “club”, she had to give up her apartment. “I have not been in my apartment in Moscow since February 24 (author’s note, the date the war began). I left the country on February 16, thinking that I would return soon. But she was not there again.