July 23, 2024

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German-British masked billionaire dies in boating accident in Sardinia

The captain wanted to avoid Berlusconi’s boat

The masked millionaire († 61) died in a boating accident in Sardinia

On Sunday evening, the 21-meter-long “Amor” collided with rocks out of the water near the Nipani Islands. The owner of the boat, Dean Kronsbein, was thrown overboard. His wife and daughter were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The family was riding a wave of happiness – until that fateful Sunday evening. Ultrafilter Medical Ltd. ’s CEO, Dean Kronsbein († 61), made a fortune in Great Britain with his ultra-thin corona masks. He bought a villa on the Costa Smeralda and the proud yacht “Amor”. On August 1, the family left for a tour.

8:45 p.m. The entrepreneur’s 21-meter yacht Magnum sails past the tiny Nipani Islands from Porto Cervo at dusk. Suddenly the captain turned the steering wheel. The ship hit a rock sticking out of the water. On impact, Dean Kronsbein was thrown overboard. Four others were injured. The bow is broken. The boat begins to sink.