July 22, 2024

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Lithuanians call Russia 180,000 times

Almost 200,000 calls already

Lithuanians fight back against Putin’s campaign with phone tactic

A group of Lithuanians called Russia about 180,000 times. Which number Just to talk. Purpose of Operation: Countering Putin’s Propaganda


Voluntary Lithuanians have called Russia more than 180,000 times. The goal: to talk about the war in Ukraine and counter Putin’s propaganda.

First you scolded. Four, five minutes. Now people will start talking – and for up to three hours. This is what the Lithuanian Paulius Senata (46) says “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”, regarding the war in Ukraine. A friend, together with IT specialists, marketing and PR people, Senūta launched the “Call Russia” project, which works as follows: volunteers call any number in Russia using a random number generator.

Lithuanians not only want to tell and transmit information from a Western point of view, but also want to change the opinion of Russians. Senuta: “In the first days of the war, everyone here did something. Our intention was to call.” It is clear that everyone in Lithuania has connections with Russia. The country finally belonged to the Soviet Union until 1990. “That’s why most Lithuanians understand Russian.”