May 26, 2024

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Josef Fritzl was released from prison


AustriaJosef Fritzl was released from prison

Tuesday is a big deal in Austria! Amsteton’s incest father Joseph Fritzl has been given a conditional release from prison.

Benedict Holenstein
  • Joseph Fritzl held his own daughter captive and abused him for over 24 years.

  • Now a court has decided to release him from the enforcement of the measures.

  • He is now 90 years old and has severe dementia.

Notorious sex offender Joseph Fritzl has been released from prison. This was decided by a panel of three judges on Tuesday after the trial of Joseph Fritzl in the presence of experts Dr. Costner, it happened.

The judges no longer see any danger: “In a decision dated May 13, 2024, the Regional Court in Krems an der Donna decided that the 90-year-old prisoner could be transferred from “execution of proceedings” (not legally binding). For normal jail, and because he is not dangerous, he should be kept in a forensic-treatment center.

After receiving a forensic medical expert report and a psychiatric expert report supplemented by current medical findings at the April 30 hearing, it is clear to the court that Fritzl is no longer responsible for enforcing the measures.

“Minimized Prisoner Risk”

“Due to an extensive, progressive dementia and physical deterioration, the inmate’s integrated personality disorder necessitated admission, the inmate’s dangerousness was reduced, and he was ‘buried’ without any criminal offense of serious consequence. Expected .”

However, according to the court, such dangerousness is a basic requirement of employment. In addition, progression of chronic dementia is expected. At the same time, a probationary period of ten years was set.

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Fritzl was not published

With this decision, the three-judge Senate also concluded that conditional release from ordinary prison, i.e. release at liberty, is not possible for special detention reasons.

“Considering the unprecedented criminal potential resulting from the acts punished, it cannot be assumed that there will be no freedom from crime in the future because of the lack of probation in the prison, the necessary confrontation with crime, and the lack of accommodation in a social environment,” the court explained.

On April 26, 2008, one of Austria’s biggest and most frightening criminal cases came to light: Joseph Fritzl imprisoned his 18-year-old daughter Elisabeth in the basement from 1984 to 2008. Under some pretext, he lured her into the basement, drugged her, and locked her in handcuffs in a room made into a cell. A day later, Elizabeth was reported missing. About a month after her disappearance, the father provided a letter in which the daughter asked him not to look for her.

In the dungeon, her father abused her several times and fathered seven children with her. In the years that followed, the daughter’s children, who were allegedly abducted, were dumped in front of the house several times. Three of them were later picked up by their “grandparents”. Seven children, including twins, were born in the basement.

After visiting the hospital, Elizabeth is arrested for questioning about a missing person’s report and suspected abandonment of her children. She told her story at the police station. A DNA test eventually proved that all of her children were fathered by her.

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