July 20, 2024

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Italian war against Putin’s forces

She doesn’t want her army

This Italian is fighting Putin’s forces

A young woman wanted to join the Italian army and become a fighter pilot. But she got angry and finally flew away. Now Italy is fighting against Putin’s forces in Ukraine.


Giulia Schiff, a former non-commissioned officer from Mira, Venice, was systematically bullied out of the army.

He did not want his own army. Giulia Schiff (23) really wanted to be a fighter pilot and had a lot of talent, being considered the best in her class at pilot school.NZZ» is reported. But later he was expelled from the pilot school with a certificate of “military and professional unfitness”. A gross misjudgment. Because the former non-commissioned officer is successfully fighting in Ukraine against Putin’s forces.

On February 25, a day after the war broke out, Schiff wrote on Facebook: “I don’t see a reaction in Europe worthy of Ukraine’s disaster. The lack of response is not fair. We must help a country that cannot defend itself. All this hypocrisy will have consequences.”