April 15, 2024

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Images Go Viral: Hats Against Fraud

Creative hats go viral

Students must wear hooded caps in the exam

In the Philippines, students were encouraged to wear hats to prevent cheating. The students’ practice is causing laughter around the world.


To discourage students from cheating at the Bicol University College of Engineering in the Philippines, they are required to wear hats.

Integrity is a priority at Bicol University College of Engineering, Philippines. Students were asked to wear “anti-cheat hats” to make sure no one was actually cheating. The helmet was intended to prevent them from copying from others. The act went viral on social media.BBC» is reported.

Mechanical engineering professor Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz asked her students to create a simple design out of paper. Inspired by a technique popularized in Thailand in 2013, students attached sheets of paper to the sides of their heads.