June 22, 2024

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How Long Do Boosters Defend Against Omigrans?

The booster is very important in the fight against the corona virus. Data on the impact on Omikron have been released by the British Health Care Agency.

Briefly essentials

  • Which booster is most effective for which vaccine?
  • UK authorities have studied various vaccines.
  • Moderna offers very consistent protection against Omigron.

Published by the UK Healthcare Institute Information To Performance of different boosters compared to Omikron. The Pfizer / Biotech booster and the Moderna booster were compared in 147,597 delta and 68,489 ohmicron cases, respectively. In individuals who have been double-immunized with the vaccine from Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

Corona virus: Switzerland increases with Moderna and Pfizer

According to the BAG, a quarter of the total population is currently raised in Switzerland. The Pfizer and Modern vaccines have been approved as booster vaccines against the corona virus. The modern dose is half dose and full dose with Pfizer booster.

Englishman Information Cross-vaccination, i.e. a modern booster provides better protection after the Pfizer vaccine. About a week after the booster vaccine there is about 70 percent protection against omega-3s with symptoms. This should last at least three months.

The Pfizer booster increases protection by 70 percent, but after three months it drops to about 40 percent. Show next InformationDouble Pfizer vaccine after six months The symptom is almost no longer protected from Omigran disease.

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For unused vaccine in Switzerland from AstraZeneca Information Raised. There, the modern booster achieves the best results in the fight against the corona virus. The AstraZeneca vaccine generally provides poor protection against the Omigran variant.

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