June 18, 2024

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According to the study, Omigran spreads poorly in the lungs

Preliminary studies can explain why Omigron is so contagious, but there are often mild studies. The virus spreads badly in the organs.

Briefly essentials

  • Corona numbers are increasing rapidly everywhere due to the new Omigron variant.
  • Studies now want to demonstrate why omigron gradients are often mild.
  • The mutation is highly contagious, but cannot spread rapidly through the lungs.

At the beginning of the year, an American and Japanese study brings a ray of hope: researchers want to find out if the Omigron variant is less harmful to the lungs.

Omigron reaches organs poorly

Infection can occur The New York Times cited a yet-to-be-verified study that is more likely to hit the nose, throat and trachea. For research purposes, hamsters and mice are different CoronaVariations were injected. The virus load in the nose of animals infected with Omigran was higher than in the previous mutation, but it was significantly lower in the lungs.

The Omigron variant seems to enter the airways very quickly, but it does not penetrate the elements with the same amount of force. As a result, rodents had significantly less damage to their lungs. The researchers hope this could explain Omigron’s slight inclinations.

A study was already completed in December Hong Kong Suggests something similar. Scientists have certified that the Omigron delta diffuses 70 times faster than the variant. In the lungs, on the other hand, Omigran settled ten times more slowly than other types.

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