April 15, 2024

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Giuseppina (103) lost her driver's license – now she wants to ride a scooter


Emilia RomagnaGiuseppina's (103) panda is gone – now she wants to ride a motorbike

Giuseppina Molinari was caught driving without a license or insurance. But the committed pensioner doesn't want to be stopped.

  • In the middle of the night, Giuseppina Molinari stopped because she was lost.

  • It soon became clear: she didn't have a valid driver's license and her Panda wasn't insured.

  • Now 103 years old, he decided to switch to two wheels.

She's one of Italy's oldest traffic offenders: after losing her Fiat Panda, Italian pensioner Giuseppina “Gios” Molinari (103) now wants to buy a moped. A still articulate old woman, born in 1920, was stopped at midnight earlier in the week in Ponteno, a small town in the north of the country, because she always drove the same streets. During the search, the patrolling police found that he was driving without a driver's license and without insurance.

A small white car was then impounded. The 103-year-old expressed his grief on Rai TV on Wednesday. At the same time she announced: “I want to buy a moped so that I don't lose my freedom.” Now he is riding a bike.

Molinari is one of the oldest traffic offenders ever stopped on Italy's roads. By his own account, he left by car to visit friends out of town. She obviously lost her bearings. Then the police pulled the car around one o'clock in the morning and took the old lady home.

“When I get to this age, I'll do whatever I want.”

But she didn't want to stop the incident. He told RAI: ​​“I want to maintain my network of friends. And I like to do my duties independently from shopping to playing cards. Before her 100th birthday, Giuseppina always insisted: “When I reach this age, I will do what I want.”

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As reported by “Il Resto de Carlino”, Molinari was caught a few months ago. Geos showed up to renew his driver's license but never received it, according to the police report. Knowing that she was violating road traffic rules, she simply continued driving. Even now people in Ponteno say: “It would be a big problem for Gios to come to the square in Ponteno and stay alone with the chickens in the vicarano house without eating ice cream.”

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