June 18, 2024

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German supermarkets are allowed to lock up those who have not been vaccinated

Due to the corona virus, stores in Hessen are allowed to deny entry to unvaccinated people. A businessman has previously fought in court for a 2G option.

Summarize the essentials

  • Hessen has 2G option, including stores in the daily field.
  • If only people who have been vaccinated and are recovering are allowed inside, they should keep a distance and wear a mask.
  • The government hopes that this option will not be used too often.

Paper sacks, fruit bags, shopping list and mask: this is something I have been thinking about while shopping for some time. But the mask may be in specific stores In the German state of Hesse Not needed anytime soon.

Under the new Hesian rules against the corona virus, all stores, including clothing stores or retailers, Use the 2G rule. As a result, only those who have been vaccinated or healed are allowed to enter – even those who have not been tested will have to stay outside. In return, these stores have to keep the distance and the mask.

The Government But consider that 2G option only on certain days Used. Everyday business does not use it, so the assumption of Prime Minister Volker Bofier.

“Fulder Jeetung” spoke to several shopkeepers after the rule was changed. They all say From the 2G option Do not want to use it. The entrance may require more staff, or the time spent in the store will be less anyway, so reasons. According to two owners, if the number of victims of corona increases, you can withdraw it.

2G option for stores: What is your opinion?

The 2G option is not surprising. In early October, a dealer with grills and grill accessories already planned the option Court Fought. Since then, she has been able to decide whether to allow unvaccinated people into her shop, which no longer requires a mask. All other stores in Hessen now have this option.

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