December 3, 2022

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Four more cases of monkey flu have been confirmed in the UK

Four more monkeys have been diagnosed with the disease, according to the UK Health Commission. However, they are said to have nothing to do with the recently discovered cases.

Briefly essential

  • Four more people have been diagnosed with monkey flu in the UK.
  • According to the health official, these were not related to previous events.
  • The Health Commission estimates that the risk to the general population is low.

In Great Britain Four more cases of monkey flu have been reported. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said on Monday it had no connection to the other cases. That was recently discovered. The total number of cases has increased to 7. Four men have been affected in London.

The commission explained that all four cases involved men who had sex with other men. No trips to infectious countries. The association between the four infections is yet to be determined. It is a West African variety that is milder than Central Africa.

In light of the recent increase in cases, the company is working with the NHS Health Service and international partners to identify more potential cases, the report said. Homosexuals are asked to look for any abnormal rashes or lesions on their body, especially in the genital area.

The risk to the general public is low

The UKHSA confirmed only two other cases over the weekend. It was not initially clear where the infection occurred in both patients. Another case had already been reported in early May. At that time, it is said that the sick person may have been infected in Nigeria and then traveled to Great Britain.

According to the UKHSA, a rare viral illness usually causes only mild symptoms. But this can lead to serious studies. Only closely related symptomatic patients are infected.

The Commission estimates that the risk to the general public is low. Symptoms A rash that first appears on the face, then primarily affects the hands and feet.

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