April 15, 2024

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The Russians are losing more and more territory in the war in Ukraine

The Russians are losing more and more territory in the war in Ukraine

According to German Bundeswehr, the counterattack in the Ukrainian war was successful. In Belgorod, Russian troops are being upgraded for reinforcement.

Briefly essential

  • According to the Bundeswehr report, Ukraine is advancing in the Kharkiv region.
  • Troops are being upgraded for reinforcements in Belgorod, Russia.
  • Russia has lost a third of its ground forces since the war began.

Russian troops have been waging Putin’s war in Ukraine for eleven weeks. But they did not really succeed. After the attacks on the capital Kiev are over, they should do the same The Kharkiv region is retreating further and further.

According to the Bundeswehr situation report, the Russians in the northeastern region have already been pushed five to ten kilometers behind the border. According to the Business Insider, the German Bundeswehr writes of “increasing space gains by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” According to Kyiv, Ukraine again controls the border. The photo of the Ukrainian soldiers is proof of this Near a boundary post.

The Russian city of Belgorod, near the border, and Belgorod, the main starting point of the invasion, also point to casualties. Associations and units of the Russians, according to the Bundeswehr Army Be refreshing. These are thought to strengthen the armed forces north of Kharkiv. Purpose: To prevent the escalation of a successful counter-attack by Ukraine.

The troops may have disappeared in the strategically important city of Izyum on the Kharkiv-Donbass road. According to the US Institute for the Study of War, Russian troops are no longer trying to encircle the Ukrainians. This was reported by the British “Guardian”.

London: Russia has lost a third of its ground in the Ukraine war

On the contrary, Russia is concentrating its efforts on the Ukraine war on the complete occupation of the Luhansk region. There was pressure from the Russians Army This is too big for the Ukrainian defenders.

According to the American Think Tank, the industrial city of Zhivorodonetsk in the Luhansk region is currently under severe attack. A siege is said to have failed so far. It may also be the cause of great loss Donets tried to cross the river Justified a few days ago. There, Russian units ambushed, killed hundreds of soldiers and destroyed dozens of vehicles.

According to British military intelligence, Russia has generally suffered heavy casualties in the Ukraine war. So it is estimated Kremlin Has lost one-third of the established ground forces. The Donbass attack was “significantly behind schedule.”

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