April 15, 2024

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Finland: 120,000 euro fine for speeding

Finland: 120,000 euro fine for speeding


He drove 32km/h too fast and is now paying more than €120,000 in fines

Anders Wickloff is a repeat offender: Finn has been flashed several times in the Nordic country. Since he is rich, this time the fine is very high.


Anders Wickloff (right) in conversation with Bill Clinton.

Imago Images / TT

  • Instead of the permitted speed of 50 km/h, Anders Wickloff drove at 82 km/h.

  • Now he has to dig deep into his pocket.

  • Finn, 76, is a repeat offender.

If you drive too fast at 20 km/h in Finland, you can Well done Up to 200 euros. As “Auto-Motorsport” magazine writes, it is uncomfortable if it is at least 21 km/h above the permitted speed. From this speed limit, a daily toll is charged in Finland. That is: the more over the limit and the richer you are, the more you pay.

Businessman Anders Wickloff, who is considered one of the richest Finns, was able to experience this again. On the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden, Wickloff was captured for going too fast. Instead of the permitted speed of 50 km/h, the businessman drove at a speed of 82 km/h on the island’s streets. The result: ten days of driving license revocation and a fine of 121,000 euros.

The 76-year-old knows his way around big buses. In 2013 he owed 95,000 euros. In 2018 it was “just” under 64,000 euros. For Wiklöf but perhaps only a small pocket of money. However, he told the local newspaper “Nea” in the Åland Islands: “I’m very sorry. I heard that Finland will save one and a half billion euros in the health service. So I hope that money can fill a gap there.

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