April 19, 2024

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Crimean Attacks Continue: Russian Films Missile Attack

Russian films rocket attack on peninsula

“We must leave Crimea immediately”

Crimea was also shelled on Saturday. Among other things, the Russian naval headquarters were attacked. Another blow to Putin’s military. With no one claiming responsibility for the attacks, the people of the peninsula are panicking.


A few days ago, a Russian air force base in Crimea was attacked. While the West claims the Russians did a lot of damage, they say nothing was destroyed.

Fabian Vogt

Crimea was bombed on Saturday. Again. During this time, among others, the Russian naval headquarters on the peninsula annexed by Russia was attacked. Dasha, a young Russian from the area, filmed one of the attacks and posted a video on Instagram.

A rocket can be seen overhead, followed by an explosion. A Ukrainian missile may have been destroyed by a Russian anti-aircraft missile system. Tasha doesn’t care at the moment. “Go away! Look at this. It’s really good, guys. I’m writing this directly from Zaozerka. I think we should leave the Crimea immediately!”