July 24, 2024

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Fake police officer arrested in Berlin


BerlinA fake police officer even helped make the arrest

She looked like a real policewoman, but she wasn’t: Laura K. As an officer he traveled around Berlin for several weeks.

Justin Arbor
  • An investigation is underway in Berlin against Laura K., who has repeatedly posed as a police officer.

  • The disabled woman has previous convictions for sexual offenses and robbery.

  • The fake police officer was exposed as he walked around the city in a thick police jacket despite the high temperature.

The indictment against Laura Kay, who is currently facing court, is 13-count long. The trans woman was charged with usurpation of office, misappropriation of titles and badges, violation of arms laws, violation of instructions during chief supervision and possession of pedo-criminal images. Confirmed between April and August 2019.

Laura K. Received full police equipment: baton, handcuffs, gas, belt, safety vest and empty gun. He drove around town with it in 2018, scolding people and helping arrest real police officers. Finally, he was exposed for the first time and got a court injunction to impersonate a police officer.

Appeared for the second time

But in August 2019, the police officer was arrested. He was again a law enforcement officer in a public place, where he was observed by a real police patrol, after which his unconsciousness was rediscovered. Perhaps her downfall was that she wore a thick police jacket despite the high temperatures.

A life of crime

The offenses on Laura Kay’s criminal record date back a long time. In 2014, Omar K. Thus, he was sentenced to three years and three months in prison for sex offences.

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But the acts of violence continued in 2020. Ömer K. robbed several bank customers at ATMs, admitted in court and was sentenced to seven years in prison in early 2021.

In the current trial, which continues on Thursday, he says: “I admit everything except the child pornography charges,” the defendant was quoted in “Tagesspiegel”. I don’t know how she got such pictures on her cell phone. S.: “I was only on porn sites, maybe linked to other sites. I was shocked when I got the ad. I find child pornography disgusting!

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