June 15, 2024

Columbus Post

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Environmentalists alert: Poisonous ship sails aimlessly at sea


Foch, pictured here at right in 1994. At the time it was still part of the French Navy. The ship now travels the world’s oceans carrying toxic waste.

The aircraft carrier Foch was the flagship of the French Navy. The 266 meter long vessel now sails under the Brazilian flag and bears the name São Paulo. A Turkish shipyard has acquired a decommissioned naval vessel, but has been unable to find a port where the ship, loaded with various toxic wastes, is allowed to dock. Environmentalists now fear that Brazil will dump Sao Paulo into the sea outside its territorial waters.

Last week, on Friday, the Brazilian Navy announced that it had towed Sao Paulo in the Atlantic. The ship, full of asbestos, paint and other toxic waste, is now 315 kilometers off the coast of Brazil.