June 22, 2024

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Expert Stahl explains Putin’s plans in Moldova

Expert Stahl explains Putin’s plans in Moldova

As the war in Ukraine rages on, Russia is planning its next steps. President Putin’s intentions can be seen in a secret Kremlin paper recently leaked to an international media consortium.

This document claims that Russia wants to take over the Republic of Moldova. Specifically: Ukraine’s neighbor is said to be dependent on Moscow by 2030.

But why does Putin want Moldova closer to Russia? And how does the Kremlin leader want to do that while war rages in Ukraine?

Nau.ch military and strategist Albert A. asked Stahl.

He says: “Since his rise to power in 1999/2000, Putin has pursued the goal of restoring the Soviet Union as much as possible to its former borders.” In addition to states like Ukraine and Belarus, the Republic of Moldova belonged to the former Soviet Union.

As for Putin’s goal, there are several arenas. Stahl: “The war in Ukraine is part of his plan. Seizing power over Belarus is insidious, for example through troops or economic and political connections. ┬╗

In Moldova it is different. “Putin is pursuing a different strategy there,” explains expert Staehl. Transnistria plays an important role in this.

The de facto regime, protected by Russia, is located on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and is part of the Republic of Moldova. The region is not recognized internationally. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russian units have been stationed there.

As a result, Putin could use a “corruption strategy” in Moldova, says Stahel. “These include the buying off of politicians, funded popular demonstrations and the display of power by Russian troops. Perhaps he will achieve his goal of demoting Moldova to a Russian vassal state.” So under Russian influence.

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Do you think Russia’s plan to subjugate Moldova and Belarus will work?

Stahl is adamant that the leaked plans are aimed at restoring the Soviet Union. “This will determine the geopolitical situation of Western Eurasia in the coming years or decades. The so-called period of peace is over.”