February 23, 2024

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Ten Weeks of Protests: “The Abyss Is Within Reach” – Israeli President Warns of Civil War

Ten Weeks of Protests: “The Abyss Is Within Reach” – Israeli President Warns of Civil War

Ten weeks of protests

“The abyss is within reach” – Israel’s president warns of civil war

Protests against planned judicial reform have been ongoing in Israel for ten weeks. After the compromise proposed by President Isaac Herzog was rejected, the risk increased.


On Thursday evening, opponents of judicial reform went to …


  • Ten weeks of mass demonstrations against a planned judicial reform have been raging in Israel.

  • President Isaac Herzog wanted to calm the situation with a compromise proposal.

  • But the government rejected this – and risked escalating into civil war.

There is a real fire under the roof in Israel at the moment. This was now evident in a meeting between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when Scholz expressed concern about judicial reform plans in Israel. “As close friends of Israel, we are following this discussion very closely — and I don’t want to hide it — with great concern,” Schaalz said. The US urged Netanyahu to reconsider the reform, saying democracy is based on strong institutions and the separation of powers.

Protests have been taking place in Israel for the past ten weeks against the judicial overhaul planned by the religious right-wing government. Massive protests with many demonstrations, Sometimes the police there Oppression. The normally highly polarized Israeli society has united in the protests. There is also strong opposition from the military reserves and the non-political technology sector, writes The Guardian.

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“Ditch Reachable”

But despite pressure from the streets, the hard-right government – which includes the ultra-Orthodox and, for the first time, far-right parties – has no intention of backing down. A compromise proposed by Israeli President Isaac Herzog was promptly rejected. This weakened the most controversial points of the planned reform. Netanyahu said Herzog’s proposal would “perpetuate” the current situation in the country’s judicial system.

Now Herzog worries about the future of his country. In a televised address, he said: “The past few weeks have torn us apart. Israel is in the midst of a deep crisis. Anyone who thinks we won’t get to a real civil war with real life just doesn’t know.” The abyss is “within reach”.

Former Prime Minister Olmert wants to isolate Netanyahu

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also spoke on Friday, asking the international community to isolate Netanyahu. Olmert, who was prime minister from 2006 to 2009, told the AP news agency that “I ask the leaders of countries that are friendly to Israel to stay away from meetings with the Israeli prime minister. Those who support the Israeli government should be against the Israeli prime minister.” The current government is “simply anti-Israel.”

Netanyahu Presents the necessary reform, To restore balance in the separation of powers: The judiciary in Israel currently has too much power. Critics, on the other hand, see the planned reform as an attack on the rule of law because Israel does not have a constitution: instead, the Basic Laws operate as is. So the role of the Supreme Court is very important as it is to rule on their constitution. For example, courts can now strike down laws passed by Parliament if they deem them discriminatory.

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