April 15, 2024

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Excursion extended to two weeks: Zurich female delight


the ship“I'm thoroughly enjoying two weeks of free vacation”

For safety reasons, the cruise ship Costa Deliciosa had to change course. Kinga is enjoying a long vacation from Zurich. In 20 minutes she talked about the situation on board.

Monica Abdel Meze
  • The Costa Deliciosa cruise has to take a different route for safety reasons. Due to Houthi attacks, they cannot go through the Suez Canal and have to go around Africa.

  • Kinga, who is on board, is especially happy about the two weeks of free vacation.

  • She describes the ship's atmosphere as upbeat and relaxed.

When the cruise ship Costa Deliciosa set sail from Trieste two months ago, none of the nearly 2,000 passengers would have expected a free extension to the voyage. This is due to a change in course due to security reasons. Because of Houthi attacks, the ship cannot go through the Suez Canal and has to go around the Horn of Africa.

Don't panic on board

To the delight of passengers on board, their cruise has been extended by two weeks free of charge. One of them, Kinga from Zurich, has been enjoying his pension for a long time. “Having two weeks of vacation free is something you can be happy about,” he says. Kinga was unconcerned about the change in course. “I feel comfortable here, everything has been done to ensure our safety and we will be kept informed of any changes.”

Even after the route change was announced, there was a good mood on board. People are calm and relaxed. “There is no sign of panic here. “Most of them are looking at the matter calmly and are as happy as I am about the free holiday,” says the pensioner. For some who cannot extend their holiday due to work or other appointments, a return flight from Cape Town will be arranged, Kinga said. The company also pays.

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Travel around the world like a dream

This is not the first cruise for the Zurich pensioner. She has already taken two small boat trips. “It was my biggest dream to travel around the world. “I decided on a whim to book a Costa cruise on a Sunday in August,” she says.

A complete stroke of luck as she now thinks. But the trip isn't cheap. It cost 30,000 francs to get around. “It's definitely worth it to me. For me it's like an adventure and I get to see a lot of the world.”

There is always something going on aboard. Between meals there are courses. The carnival even had a parade.


The ship is currently heading towards the Papua province of Indonesia. The journey was to end six months later on May 11. Due to the route change, the ship will not reach its destination in Venice until the end of May. “I would thoroughly enjoy a two-week free holiday,” says the Zurich resident. For her it may have lasted longer.

No boredom on board

One of Kinga's highlights was a stop in Sydney where she was able to visit the Opera House. But she really enjoyed her time on board and has now made good friends. “We've all grown together as a big community here. The staff is amazing,” she says. For the Zurich native, it's a great time among so many people. She now has a favorite staff member who she chats with every day. “He had the sweetest smile from day one and told me He was very friendly and kind.”

Kinga now has a favorite employee from Zurich.

Kinga now has a favorite employee from Zurich.


Kinga spends his day relaxing in the lounge or at the bar. “There are also craft courses, language courses and dance courses that guests can take part in.” You can attend one of the sports evenings or theater performances. “It certainly doesn't get boring with an extra two weeks of vacation,” says the Zurich resident.

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