June 15, 2024

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European elections 2024: EU parliamentary results

European elections 2024: EU parliamentary results

Germany’s ruling parties suffered a crushing defeat in European elections. The chancellor’s SPD achieved its worst result in European elections on Sunday, finishing third, according to preliminary forecasts from ARD and ZDF. Losses were even higher for the Greens, while the FDP suffered smaller losses.

Union was the strongest party. The AfD took second place. The Wagenknecht party BSW immediately won a respectable victory.

As predicted, it came Union 29.5 to 30 per cent (EU Election 2019: 28.9 per cent) in first place. The AfD It rose from 16 to 16.5 percent – ​​but was lower than the values ​​it reached in surveys a few months ago (2019: 11.0 percent).

die SPD President Olaf Scholes downplayed their weak result in the 2019 EU elections, finishing at 14 per cent of forecasts (2019: 15.8 per cent). The Greens The biggest losses of all parties came from twelve to 12.5 percent (2019: 20.5 percent). The FDP Ended at five per cent (2019: 5.4 per cent) recording small losses.

Former left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht won through her new party BSW 5.5 to 6 percent – ​​thereby overtaking the Left Party, three percentage points behind, on par with the pro-Europe smaller party. Volt.

According to the ZDF forecast, free voters and splinter groups The Party, Animal Welfare Party, Family Party and ÖDP can also hope for seats.

Voter turnout has increased significantly compared to the 2019 EU elections – around 66 percent, according to ZDF. It was 61.4 percent five years ago. (AFP)