June 15, 2024

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South Korea has spread propaganda against North Korea


SeoulReaction to Garbage Balloons: South Korea Blasts North Korea with Propaganda

Amid rising tensions with North Korea, South Korea is resuming its propaganda broadcasts in its isolated neighbor. This is in response to North Korea sending junk balloons.

In recent weeks, North Korea has repeatedly sent balloons full of debris to South Korea.

  • North Korea repeatedly sends balloons filled with plastic bags to South Korea.

  • In response, the government in Seoul has now decided to once again broadcast propaganda to the neighboring country.

  • It is considered psychological warfare.

According to South Korea, North Korea has once again sent a large number of balloons with plastic bags full of garbage over the militarized border between the two countries. Between Saturday and Sunday morning (local time), about 330 “garbage balloons” rose from North Korea, public officials in the capital Seoul said. More than 80 of them fell on South Korean territory.

In response, South Korea is resuming its propaganda broadcasts to its isolated neighbor. South Korea will once again set up loudspeaker systems on the border to broadcast announcements towards North Korea, the presidential office in Seoul announced after a National Security Council meeting on Sunday.

Psychological warfare

Sound systems for the North were suspended in 2018 as part of an interim approach. North Korea has also issued similar propaganda announcements. Mutual loudspeakers were considered a means of psychological warfare.

North Korea’s balloon campaigns are a response to similar activities by South Korean groups that repeatedly send thousands of leaflets and other propaganda materials over the border in large gas balloons. In pamphlets they criticize the dictatorial leadership of their isolated neighbour. Propaganda activities by South Korean activists are considered controversial in South Korea.

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