June 18, 2024

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Elections in Sweden – Conservative coalition now leading – News

Elections in Sweden – Conservative coalition now leading – News

  • With three-quarters of the votes counted, conservative parties, including the Sweden Democrats, are slightly ahead of the prime minister’s camp.
  • The preliminary final decision is yet to come. It’s a head race.
  • However, when looking at the individual parties, the result is clear: Andersen’s Social Democrats are the strongest force in Sweden. After counting 75 percent of the votes, they stood at 30.4 percent.
  • The Sweden Democratic Party will be the second strongest force in this number.

A fierce race for a majority in Sweden’s parliamentary elections favors moderate leader Ulf Kristerson’s conservative bloc. Initial projections initially saw Social Democratic Minister President Magdalena Andersen’s side slightly ahead.


The Sweden Democrats are jubilant: according to forecasts, they will turn out around 20.5 percent – they will get a record result and become the second strongest political force for the first time in the Reichstag in Stockholm.

Keystone/ Stephen Gerrewang

The two camps were almost evenly matched before Election Day. In the parliamentary elections four years ago, the first predictions sometimes deviated from the final result by several percentage points – the moderates eventually managed to overtake the Sweden Democrats.

The partial results that the Election Commission wanted to release gradually on the eve of the election would provide more clarity. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the Scandinavian EU country is likely to face a lengthy government formation after the 2018 elections, as the parties in the blocs also disagree on many issues.

Woman in front of voter's table.


Magdalena Andersen cast her vote in Stockholm on Sunday.

Imago / Alix Lorestani

The Swedish Parliament in Stockholm has 349 seats. So 175 mandates are required for majority. So far, Anderson and his purely social-democratic minority government have had to rely on the support of the Liberal Center Party, the Left Party and the Greens. A conservative-right coalition led by moderate leader Christensen has so far won the remaining 174 seats.

A traditionally strong force in Sweden, Andersen was elected Prime Minister of Sweden in November 2021, succeeding her party colleague Stefan Löfven, becoming the first lady. Under him, the country applied for NATO membership in mid-May as part of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. However, in the election campaign, the sharp rise in energy prices and rampant gang crime in Sweden were the most prominent issues.

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