May 26, 2024

Columbus Post

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Drones were tracked several times in Norway – four Russians were arrested

Close to gas facilities

Why are so many Russian drones flying around Norway?

In Norway, the Russians are suddenly scrambling near offshore oil and gas platforms. Drones are also suddenly seen. Could Moscow be behind this?


Police re-arrested four Russians for illegally photographing objects with drones.

Currently, drones are causing a stir in Norway. Why do they fly so much over critical infrastructure like offshore oil and gas platforms? Why near the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines? Russia may be behind it. Recently, several Russians have been arrested for illegally taking photos on their drones. Because they are not interested in nature, but in energy infrastructure.

Suspicion: Espionage! President Putin (70) apparently has a particular eye on oil and gas facilities. Norway has replaced Russia as the largest gas supplier to Western Europe as energy imports from Russia have been cut following Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.