June 22, 2024

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Donald Trump rages against Ron D’s ‘hypocrisy’

Ex-President’s New Temper

Violent Rage Against Trump Ron “Dhypocritical”

Former President Donald Trump faced off against his opponent, Ron DeSantis. Trump issued a lengthy statement Thursday mocking DeSantis.


Donald Trump is furious with Ron DeSantis again.

Donald Trump (76) has already announced: He will face Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (44). Trump nicknamed him Ron “Descheinheilig.” In a lengthy statement, he called DeSantis, who came to him during his first run for office in 2017, a political lightweight.

Trump actually writes on his social network: “Ron DeSantis has low approval ratings, bad polls and no money, but he said he can win if I support him.”

Trump was furious about the potential nominee

He continued to rage: “I also fixed his campaign, which completely collapsed.” Trump complains that DeSantis is “playing games.” He did so by ruling out being rejected as a presidential candidate in 2024. Trump has warned that if we do, we will be defeated.

Trump continues to rant about the Florida governor. He writes, “Fake News asks him if he’s going to run when President Trump runs, and he says, ‘I’m focused on the race for governor, I’m not looking at the future.'” The answer is no.”

USA Connoisseur Bruchweiler: “Biden Can’t Run Against DeSantis in 2024”(11:27)

DeSantis was a resounding success

Trump’s anger against DeSantis may be due to his now declining reputation in the party. After the midterm elections, Republicans still failed to secure the expected large majority in the House of Representatives, with many in the party blaming Donald Trump. Some have abandoned the former president and distanced themselves from him.

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The poor performance of pro-Trump candidates has fueled debate among Republicans over who is best placed to lead the party through 2024. DeSantis’ landslide victory in Florida has given voice to DeSantis as the best candidate. (eu)