March 4, 2024

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Davos – Abandon analysis of report on Donbass? Why Kissinger brought this idea to the ground

Drop Donbass? Why Kissinger brought this idea to the ground

Should Kiev be handed over to eastern Russia to ensure balance in Europe?  Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield in Donbass.

Excellent acting at 99 years old

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Only Kissinger knows that it is difficult to maintain a balance between states.

US President Joe Biden Should Not Like It: Former US Defense Adviser Henry A. Kissinger has warned against insulting Russia.  (Archive image)
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Coincidentally, after Kissinger’s birthday, Kissinger’s extensive later works were enriched with memoirs of the greatest politicians of his life. All things considered, at the publisher’s constant request, Kissinger added state women to his list of nobles. The hundredth year of life may begin with it.